Posted on Jan 18, 2021

Alberta NDP Leader Rachel Notley issued the following statements on the Keystone XL pipeline project and the UCP’s decision to ease restrictions on coal mining on the eastern slopes:

On Keystone XL:


“It’s clear that Jason Kenney is now swinging wildly at anything and everything to distract from his failure on Keystone XL. He’s threatening lawsuits while also pleading with the U.S. to let KXL proceed. He’s publicly insulted the President-elect’s campaign chair while complaining that he can’t get meetings. 


“None of this helps our cause. If this project - or any other pipeline for that matter - has any chance of success, the UCP needs to get out of the business of denying climate change, they need to board up the ridiculous failure that is the so-called War Room and they need to stop using taxpayer dollars to legitimize junk science as we’ve seen from the Steve Allan inquiry.


“We now know at least $1.5 billion dollars has been put at risk, but it will likely be more. I can’t help but wonder how this money could have been better spent on new renewable energy projects and sustainable jobs. Or by building critical infrastructure in Calgary such as the Green Line.


“It’s time for the Premier to come clean. Jason Kenney must release the details and risk analysis done on the KXL deal and come clean with Albertans on how much they’re in for, in Canadian dollars.”


On 1976 Coal Policy:


“The UCP have opened, beautiful, highly sensitive, and previously protected land in and around our mountains for coal exploration and open-pit mining. Jason Kenney made these dramatic changes without consultation, without notice, and without any assessment of the damage that could be caused to our ranching and grazing lands, our pristine mountain landscapes, and most importantly, our water supply. 


“Thousands and thousands of Albertans have been speaking out against these changes, asking to be heard. Which is why I am calling on Jason Kenney to immediately reinstate Peter Lougheed’s coal policy and commit to public consultation on any and all future changes to the management of public lands.


“And when it comes to economic opportunities, I urge the Government to look to the future. Instead of short-sighted wins, we are urging the UCP to work on diversifying our economy so that working people can rely on good jobs now, and jobs for generations to come.”