Posted on Jul 19, 2021

Alberta NDP Education Critic Sarah Hoffman issued the following statement in response to news that the UCP Government has rehired the eight advisers who helped craft Alberta's controversial new elementary school curriculum drafts back to work on the highe

“Jason Kenney’s draft curriculum for K through 6 is a complete disaster. Not a single school board has agreed to pilot the whole thing and only five have agreed to look at a small portion of it. 


“The Kenney curriculum is fundamentally flawed in terms of its content and its age-inappropriateness. It’s been condemned by Indigenous leaders, by Francophones, and by racialized Albertans. But instead of listening to this overwhelming feedback from Albertans in every corner of our province, they invited the same team back to start work on the 7 to 10 curriculum.


“This tells me that whatever consultation Adriana LaGrange is doing this summer for the K-6 curriculum is a complete sham. If she was serious about listening to Alberta families and educators she would not be inviting back the same authors to write more failed content.


“I know there is a lot of anger among parents and teachers right now. And I want to remind them that Rachel and I have committed to restarting this process if we form government in 2023, and delivering a modern, inclusive curriculum that we can all be proud of.”