Posted on Jul 14, 2021

Alberta NDP Deputy Leader Sarah Hoffman issued the following statement in response to Pat Rehn’s readmittance to the UCP caucus:

"Pat Rehn was caught vacationing in Mexico while Albertans made great personal sacrifices. He billed taxpayers for months’ worth of expenses for extended stays in Edmonton. He skipped meetings and failed to show up to serve the Albertans he was elected to represent for months, to the point where mayors, reeves, councilors and Indigenous leaders called for him to resign.


“He undermined health orders and undermined the pandemic response of the Government of Alberta. As Premier, Jason Kenney himself told Albertans that Rehn ‘clearly crossed the line in terms of ethical or legal conduct.’


“Today, Jason Kenney has once again shown his inability to lead. After removing Rehn from the UCP caucus and swearing to never let him run for another nomination, Rehn is welcomed back because he’s more loyal to Jason Kenney than the people of Lesser Slave Lake.


“Apparently, in Jason Kenney's caucus, you can disrespect the public, you can shirk your responsibilities, you can abuse taxpayer dollars but you just can't question Jason Kenney."