Posted on Jan 6, 2021

Alberta NDP Critic for Multiculturalism, Jasvir Deol has released the following statement:

“Today the National Council of Canadian Muslims and the Alberta Muslim Public Affairs Council spoke with the victims of racist attacks at the Southgate Shopping Centre in Edmonton for the first time publicly. These attacks have left lasting scars and have deeply affected the victims who, like all of us, are also struggling during the COVID-19 pandemic. My heart goes out to each of them and I renew my commitment to fighting against racism on every front, and at all times.


“There is no room to ignore the fight against racism right now. Even as we do all we can to fight this pandemic, we cannot lose sight of this issue as a province and as individuals. 


“I am disturbed and disappointed that Premier Jason Kenney has not shown leadership on this issue, and I would like to see him come out of hiding and finally stand up against racism.


“Jason Kenney and the UCP are wrapped up in their own scandal, instead of leading this province. They blamed racialized people in Calgary’s north east for the spread of the virus, and failed to take responsibility for their own moral failures by travelling to tropical destinations over the holidays. You cannot effectively lead a province, manage this pandemic, or be on the forefront of the fight against racism when you are embroiled in scandal and chaos.”