Posted on Apr 19, 2021

Alberta NDP Critic for Children’s Services Rakhi Pancholi made the following statement in reaction to the financial commitment to Early Learning and Child Care in the Federal Budget:

“Today the federal Government announced a significant investment into early learning and childcare that includes a target to lower child care fees to $10-per-day by 2025. This is welcome news for Alberta families and in particular, for Alberta women who have seen their employment rate drop to 1984 levels. Unfortunately, in Alberta, the UCP Government has moved in the opposite direction, ending the $25-per-day pilot program introduced by the NDP Government, implementing significant cuts to the child care sector and failing to provide adequate supports during the pandemic. As a result, under the UCP's watch, child care has become more expensive in Alberta. 

“We know there is no economic recovery without access to affordable and quality early learning and child care, and we will continue to press the UCP to work cooperatively with the federal government to ensure these federal dollars are invested properly.  The Alberta NDP will continue to advocate for universal, quality, accessible, and affordable early learning and child care for all Alberta families and children."