We Take Public Health Orders Seriously

Alberta Premier Jason Kenney and his UCP Government have profoundly betrayed the trust of Albertans by allowing a key Cabinet Minister and several UCP MLAs to vacation in Hawaii, Mexico, Phoenix and Las Vegas over the holidays while Albertans stayed home and followed strict public health orders intended to curb the spread of COVID-19.

The Minister of Municipal Affairs, Tracy Allard, was supposed to oversee the rollout of the lifesaving COVID-19 vaccine, our only long-term weapon in the fight against the deadly virus. Instead, she went away for what was described as traditional family vacation in Hawaii. While she was gone, the Government vaccinated only 11,000 or fewer frontline healthcare workers by the end of 2020; far less than the 29,000 they promised.

As well, another five UCP MLAs have also been caught vacationing abroad in places like Hawaii, Mexico, Las Vegas and Phoenix while their constituents stayed home over Christmas and were unable to visit family and friends. 

Even more tragically, hundreds of Alberta families also lost loved ones to COVID-19 and were forced to say goodbye through a video conference call. People died alone.

Here are the UCP MLAs identified to be travelling abroad so far:

This is wrong. UCP MLAs are not serious about the public health orders set by the Chief Medical Officer of Health.

For the record, all 24 Alberta NDP MLAs stayed in Alberta for the duration of the holidays, and continue to do so. Our Caucus takes the public health orders seriously.

Albertans deserve more transparency from their Government!

That is why we are calling on the Premier to tell the people of Alberta why he allowed these vacations to occur during a public health emergency, and to release a full list of the Ministers and MLAs who travelled when they should have stayed home.


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To: Premier Jason Kenney,

We the undersigned residents of Alberta call on the Premier to:

• provide an explanation on why he allowed the vacations of his MLAs and staff to occur during a public health emergency.

• release a full and transparent list of the Ministers and MLAs who travelled when they should have stayed home.