Demand All-Party Committee to investigate COVID-19 Response.

Ask UCP and Independent MLAs to support and join an All-Party Committee to investigate the Alberta government's response to the fourth wave of COVID-19.

The government commissioned a light review of the pandemic's first wave but waited months to release the report and failed to follow its recommendations. In some cases, like healthcare workforce planning and clear communication with small businesses, the government actually did the opposite. No other reviews have been started.

The UCP government keeps making the same deadly mistakes over and over. As we return to a legislative session, Albertans deserve to know just how this crisis came about and why our fourth wave has been so much worse than anywhere else in Canada. Most of all, we must ensure that this never happens again.

If adopted, the All-Party Committee would be struck immediately and include members from the government, the Official Opposition and independent members. The committee would be empowered to compel political staff, public servants, and third-party witnesses, as well as compel documents from government ministries.

The Alberta NDP Caucus will work to ensure the motion is unanimously passed on the first day of the fall sitting, requiring a vote from all MLAs. None of the 60 UCP MLAs raised questions over the summer about the mounting evidence that the province was at risk of a dangerous fourth wave.

Sign up below to send an email to all UCP MLAs and Independent Members asking them to support and to join this All-Party Committee.

Please support the call for the establishment of an All-Party Committee examining the pandemic response.

This committee would conduct a comprehensive review and make recommendations regarding the Government of Alberta's response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Every Albertan impacted by COVID-19 — and that is really EVERY Albertan — deserves accountability.

A Select Special Committee that involves members from all parties engaging in public is necessary. MLAs would have the ability to compel testimony as well as documents.

We can identify errors and make recommendations to correct the mistakes for the benefit of both current and future public health responses.

In the history of our province, there are few issues as important as this one. This review is critical and it is Members of the Legislative Assembly's job to see it through, regardless of political stripe.