The Alberta Jobs Plan will encourage job creation

Written by Erin Babcock, MLA for Stony Plain

In the morning when you get out of bed you make a choice. A choice to look ahead to the future and work hard to make that future better, or to give up and assume that the future is out of your control.  We all make that choice every day. 

We go through many changes in our lives, times when the future doesn’t look as bright, or when we have suffered some financial hardship. Those are the times when we pull together with our families and our communities to help each other.

That’s the choice our government has made with the Budget 2016: The Alberta Jobs Plan. To look to the future together. To take action promoting job creation, economic diversification and growth, while ensuring Alberta families have the supports they need. Albertans have told us that their priorities are to control spending while ensuring every tax dollar is spent wisely and creating jobs while fostering a diversified economy. That is what Budget 2016 is all about.

Budget 2016 contains cost-savings measures, including freezing salaries for political staff and government managers and reducing the number of government agencies, boards and commissions to control the growth of operation spending.

At the same time, Budget 2016 introduces the new Alberta Jobs Plan to help encourage job creation, business capital investment, and economic diversification. Our plan has four pillars:

  • supporting families in times of hardship with new supports and better access to training and education;
  • continuing to invest in Alberta’s infrastructure through our Capital Plan;
  • diversifying our energy industry and markets by putting a price on carbon and working to get the best value for our natural resources; and
  • supporting Alberta businesses with new tax credits to encourage access to capital and a tax cut for small businesses.

These measures will support our communities and the people in our communities. The numbers that make up our economy are important, but the faces that make up our economy are just as important.  The faces of our people.  We are farmers and ranchers, lawyers and teachers, miners and nurses, and more.  We drive the roads of this province every day, our children attend our local schools and we all know someone who is in need of health care. There is much work to be done in all of these sectors, and that is supported in this budget as well. 

Schools that are built on time and on budget.  Infrastructure projects on the three year plan that don’t just fall to the wayside.  Not only do these benefit our communities, they help Albertans get through this downturn by providing good, mortgage paying construction jobs. 

In the past, when oil prices fell, the cost of government inaction was downloaded onto hard-working families through short-sighted cuts. Albertans paid in longer hospital wait times, overcrowded classrooms, longer commutes on roads that were falling apart, higher fees and lost opportunity.

Some say we should repeat those mistakes – but we say no. Our government won’t turn back the clock on Albertans.

With Budget 2016, we are moving Alberta forward, and the future for us, our children, and our grandchildren is growing stronger. 

Albertans are resilient, and we have always shown that when faced with challenges we come together with optimism and determination.

Budget 2016 supports those values and attributes, and is moving Alberta forward to build a more prosperous economy and a brighter future for every Albertan.