Spring 2018 - Bill 9: Access to Abortion Services Act

The Protecting Choice for Women Accessing Health Care Act safeguards women who choose to access abortion services, as well as abortion clinic staff, from protests, interference, bullying and intimidation.

The legislation establishes 50-metre “access zones” at Alberta’s two non-hospital abortion clinics – Kensington Clinic in Calgary and Woman’s Health Options in Edmonton – to prevent intimidation, interference or protesting against patients, doctors and clinic staff. Visual or audio recordings of patients, doctors or staff within an access zone are also prohibited.

Also, the legislation allows doctors and service providers to request a regulated access zone of up to 160 metres for their homes or 20 metres for an office.

Key Points

The government is committed to improving women’s access to reproductive health care and ensuring that Albertans feel safe and respected in their communities, homes, and workplaces.

Clinics providing abortion services are reporting an increase in protester activity and both women choosing abortion and health professionals who provide abortion services currently feel unsafe.

This legislation creates the measures needed to protect women and the professionals who provide abortion services and addresses issues of intimidation, safety, and fear.

All Albertans have the right to access health care free of harassment and must have privacy when accessing healthcare.

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