Spring 2018 - Bill 16: Election Finances and Contributions Disclosure Amendment Act

In 2016, the government increased fairness in Alberta’s electoral system by implementing a $2-million spending cap on election expenses for all registered political parties during an election period. These changes will guarantee a level playing field by ensuring any associated parties adhere to the $2-million spending cap. Avoidance of the cap could result in significant penalties.

These changes, under the Election Finances and Contributions Disclosure Statutes Amendment Act, will strengthen government’s efforts to ensure  elections remain in the hands of everyday Albertans. They would also prevent associated political parties from using a multi-party structure to collude with one another to bypass the legal spending limit. 

Key Points

Elections should be decided on by Albertans, on the size of ideas, not the size of someone’s bank account.

The government is continuing to strengthen Alberta’s democratic electoral system by protecting a fair and transparent processes.

The government continues to act on a commitment to ensure that our electoral system is fair, accountable and transparent for all.

These are straight forward, common sense changes that provide Albertans with the confidence in their electoral system that they deserve.

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