Spring 2018 - Bill 10: An Act to Enable Clean Energy Improvements

An Act to Enable Clean Energy Improvements gives municipalities the option to establish a Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) program. The initiative allows home and business owners to make their spaces more energy-efficient, without putting any money down.

The PACE program also stimulates local economies and helps create jobs. In North America, every $1 million in PACE project spending has resulted in at least 15 new jobs and $2.5 million in economic output. 

Key Points

Bill 10 empowers municipalities to give more Albertans access to financing to cover the cost of energy efficiency and renewable energy projects.

Albertans will be able to finance energy efficiency and renewable energy upgrades for their homes by paying for the cost of those upgrades over time as part of their property taxes instead of upfront.

It makes energy upgrades more affordable, and help everyday Albertans make energy efficiency upgrades so they can save money and reduce emissions.

More energy efficiency upgrades will stimulate the creation of green jobs and local economies.

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