Spring 2017 - Bill 9: Marketing of Agricultural Products Amendment Act (MAPA)

The Marketing of Agricultural Products Amendment Act,  (MAPA) 2017 gives back to Alberta's agricultural commissions the right to determine their own service charge model.

These commissions are member-driven, and take on activities such as:

  • product marketing and promotion
  • trade missions to maintain and build market access; and
  • support for industry research.

In 2009 the previous government amended the MAPA to make all service charges refundable for any members who request refunds.

The purpose of this amendment to the MAPA is to restore its original intent, by allowing commissions to work with their memberships to determine whether they want their check-off dollars to be refundable or non-refundable.




Key Points

Our government is restoring the autonomy that industry groups have been advocating for since 2009 to agricultural commissions and their members by providing them with the ability to implement the service charge model that works best for them.

This legislation would empower commissions and their members to set the direction for their own industries.

The decision will rest with agricultural commissions and their members. Changes to their current service charge model will require a plebiscite of their membership. 

Alberta is the only jurisdiction in Canada with a mandatory refundable model for commissions, and this change would bring the province closer in line with other jurisdictions across the country.

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