Spring 2017 - Bill 8: An Act to Strengthen Municipal Government

Our government committed to open and accessible consultation with Albertans on the Modernized Municipal Government Act, and we took the time to do it right.

A comprehensive review of the Municipal Government Act started in 2012 when the first set of amendments were tabled as the Municipal Government Amendment Act.

This bill dealt with consensus issues, and it was unanimously passed in March 2015.

The second round of amendments was tabled in May 2016 as the Modernized Municipal Government Act and addressed more complex and wide-reaching changes, like the shift from competition to collaboration between Alberta municipalities.

After years of hard work, consultation, forward thinking, and relationship building this bill is the third and final round of legislative amendments under the MGA Review.

Key Points

Our government is delivering on its promise to modernize the Municipal Government Act (MGA) in time for the municipal elections in the fall of 2017.

We are making the MGA a responsive and forward-looking piece of legislation that gives municipalities practical tools and resources to support strong and sustainable communities and a more resilient and diversified economy for Alberta families.

The changes in this bill come directly from Albertans. We heard your feedback and ideas, and we are making changes to improve the things that make a difference in your lives.

We are making life better for Albertans by listening to their ideas, enhancing community collaboration, and removing barriers to municipal leadership and will continue to work collaboratively with Municipalities.

This legislation will require that municipalities give First Nations and Métis Settlements the same notification and opportunity to comment on statutory plans that is provided to all other adjacent municipalities.

These changes will set a Canadian precedent to build stronger relationships between municipalities and First Nations and Metis Settlements.

These changes also aim to make political life more accessible for women and Albertans with young families by making amendments that would enable councils to make parental leave bylaws for councilors.

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