Spring 2017 - Bill 6: Northland School Division Act

Our NDP Caucus is committed to protecting and improving education in Northland School Division.

Through the introduction of Bill 6, the Northland School Division Act, the government is taking the step of re-establishing an elected board of trustees during municipal elections this fall.

If passed, the bill will support the establishment of a ward structure with between 7 and 11 elected trustees and the establishment of a formal engagement process to maintain community voice.

Northland School Division needs our support and our caucus is committed to make life better for students and families in the region.

Key Points

The proposed governance structure will support the unique and diverse education needs of the First Nations and Métis communities served by Northland School Division, while, ultimately, improving student learning.

Specifically, the new Northland School Division Act will:

  • Introduce a governance structure with between seven and eleven wards, each with an elected trustee.
  • Replace the existing local school board committees with school councils that have similar roles and responsibilities as other school councils in Alberta.
  • Establish a formal engagement process that strengthens community voice, including the involvement of Elders, youth, First Nations, Métis and all other communities to whom the division provides education services.

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Bill restores democracy in Northland School Division

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