Spring 2017 - Bill 205: Advocate for Persons with Disabilities Act

The final report of the PDD Safety Standard Consultations in 2016 identified and recommended that advocacy is critical within the PDD community to ensure that individuals with disabilities are supported to lead more fulfilling lives.

The Advocate will have a mandate to:

  • identify and study issues of concern to persons with disabilities;review programs and policies affecting persons with disabilities;
  • participate in processes in which decisions are made about persons with disabilities;
  • promote the rights, interests and well-being of person with disabilities through public education;
  • provide information and advice to the Government with respect to any matter relating to the rights, interests and well-being of person with disabilities;  and
  • assist individuals who are having difficulty accessing services for persons with disabilities and related programs, including directing them to an appropriate resource, person or organization that may be able to assist them.



Key Points

Bill 205 responds directly to concerns of members of the disabilities community and advocates have called for, it would establish an Advocate for Persons with Disabilities.

Creating an Advocate will make Albertans lives better, it will provide much needed support to persons with disabilities and their families in the province.

Bill 205 makes Alberta one of only three jurisdictions in the country to have an Advocate specifically dedicated to persons with disabilities.


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New bill would create Advocate for persons with disabilities

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