Spring 2017 - Bill 18: Child Protection and Accountability Act

Bill 18, the Child Protection and Accountability Act, will ensure every death in the child intervention system is investigated and that information and recommendations are made more readily available to all.

The Bill will create a stronger, more effective Office of the Child and Youth Advocate, enhance accountability and transparency, improve the timeline in death reviews and ensure that investigations and reviews are done with increased cultural competence.


Key Points

Child protection is one of the most sacred roles that government takes on and when a child dies while receiving services, Albertans are right to expect we will do everything we can to prevent similar tragedies from happening.

This Legislation is an important step in the government’s commitment to reform the child-intervention system.

This Bill will improve the way child death reviews are conducted in Alberta and will make child protection more transparent, accountable, and build a stronger child intervention system.

This Legislation responds to the recommendations of the All-Party Ministerial Panel on Child Intervention and would strengthen the fatality review process.

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New bill would improve transparency and accountability for child-protection system

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