Spring 2017 - Bill 15: Tax Statutes Amendment Act, 2017

The amendments in this bill will ensure government policy decisions are implemented and our tax legislation continues to be aligned with federal tax legislation.

Our government is taking action to ensure that families who lose a loved one do not have to repay rebates or child benefit payments. 

This bill will make practical changes to make life better for Albertans receiving the carbon levy rebate, Alberta Child Benefit, and the Alberta Family Employment Tax Credit.

Key Points

There are aspects of our democratic system that constantly need adjustment and renewal, and tax regulations is one of them.

These programs were introduced to make life more affordable for Albertans, and especially Albertans with families and with lower incomes.

Before this bill, the CRA used to ask for a return of some portion of a benefit if a situation changed such as in the case where a family member passes away.

Our government recognize that families coping with the death of a loved one should not face the added burden of a notice requesting that they pay back a benefit that was meant to make their lives better.

Three programs which will be primarily affected by this act; the Alberta Child Benefit, the Alberta Family Employment Tax Credit and the Carbon Levy rebate.



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