Spring 2017 - Bill 12: New Home Buyer Protection Amendment Act

The New Home Buyer Protection Amendment Act will do three important things to protect prospective home owners. It will:

  • Establish a licensing system for home builders;
  • Provide home buyers with information on home builders all in one place; and
  • Protect people from negligent or unscrupulous builders by creating provisions to remove or suspend bad builders from operation.

Seventy-five percent of other Canadians are protected by builder licensing programs.


Key Points

Home ownership is one of the biggest financial decisions any family will make, and Albertans deserve to be protected and have confidence their home is being built to a high standard by builders with a good track record.

This is a fair, balanced measure which will help both consumers and the home building industry, and has been put forward after consultation with the industry, consumers, municipalities and many other stakeholders.

Currently, new home consumers are vulnerable because they have limited access to information about builders, and there are no mechanisms to prevent a builder from operating even after instances of fraud or poor building practice.

Builder licensing programs already protect 75% of Canadians and we need to be in line with other provinces so we’re not a destination for bad builders from elsewhere.

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