Fall 2018 - Bill 8: Emergency Management Act

The Emergency Management Act provides the legislative framework for local and provincial management and co-ordination efforts to prepare for, mitigate against, respond to and recover from emergencies and disasters. It outlines the roles and responsibilities of the Minister of Municipal Affairs, the provincial government, and local authorities.

Currently, there is no stand-alone regulation governing municipal emergency management.

The act was last updated in 2013 and is being updated again to reflect current best practices in emergency management to help communities be better prepared to respond to disasters.

Key Points

We are updating the Emergency Management Act so we can be best prepared to respond to disasters.This update will provide the authority to create a new regulation that will give clear direction on emergency management practices for municipalities following consultation with stakeholders to get this right.

Many of these updates are in response to post-incident assessments from previous disasters because it is hugely important that we learn from each event so that we can improve our response to the next one.

Alberta is a leader in emergency management because we understand the importance of preparation.

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