Fall 2018 - Bill 29: Public Sector Employee Relations Amendment Act

Proposed changes to the Public Service Employee Relations Act would repeal exemptions and help make sure the act protects the constitutional rights of public sector workers.

The Government of Alberta is moving forward with proposed amendments to the act which would:

  • Remove exemptions prohibiting five classifications of employees from participating in collective bargaining. The proposed changes bring Alberta in line with the rest of the country.  
  • Repeal provisions, which undermined employees’ abilities to bargain fairly with their employer.
  • Move non-academic staff at post-secondary institutions under the Labour Relations Code. This change would provide more consistency to the post-secondary sector and ensure all employers and employees have the same rights and responsibilities.

Key Points

These changes will uphold Albertans’ charter-protected rights to free collective bargaining, while continuing to build on the strong foundation of our labour relations regime.

It’s rare in other jurisdictions to have exclusions for specific classifications and these changes will bring our province in line with the rest of the country.

Decisions by the Supreme Court of Canada have made it clear that all Canadians have the right to bargain collectively. Alberta’s Labour Relations Code has been revised to recognize these directions, but PSERA needs further revisions to recognize this right.

We’ve done a considerable amount of work to improve our labour relations system to ensure that it works for working people, not against

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