Fall 2018 - Bill 24: An Act to Recognize AMA Representation Rights.

An Act to Recognize AMA Representation Rights would amend current legislation to make the AMA the exclusive representative when government consults physicians on compensation and benefits.

The AMA would also be the non-exclusive representative regarding other health matters that concern physicians, such as team-based care or how best to use information technology in the health system.

Key Points

The legislation gives physicians and the Alberta Medical Association clarity about their working relationship with government and Alberta Health Services.

The amendments formalize government’s long-standing practice of working directly with the AMA on matters of physician compensation and physician programs.

It doesn’t change the existing processes between government and the AMA, and doesn’t give the AMA new powers or abilities.

Physicians are a critical part of Alberta’s health care system, provide high-quality patient care, and are leaders in keeping the health system sustainable in the long term.    

This legislation was a commitment the government made as part of the recent agreement with doctors..

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