Fall 2018 - Bill 23: An Act to Renew Local Democracy in Alberta

An Act to Renew Local Democracy in Alberta makes several much-needed updates to the existing act that governs elections for municipalities, school boards, Métis Settlements and irrigation districts.

After hearing direct feedback from Albertans, the province is proposing updates which include banning corporate and union donations, lowering contribution limits for individual Albertans and requiring third parties to be more transparent about contributions.  

Key Points

It’s time to update our laws to get big money out of local elections, make it easier for Albertans to vote, and create a more transparent election process.

The government made it clear when they updated provincial election laws that we want to take big money out of provincial politics, and now we’re doing the same on the municipal level.

We consulted with Albertans and we know they want to see local elections that are more fair and transparent.

That’s exactly what these updates will do because elections should be decided by big ideas, not big money.

These rules will create a more level playing field for everyone who wants to run.

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