Fall 2018 - Bill 22: An Act for Strong Families Building Stronger Communities.

 An Act for Strong Families Building Stronger Communities fulfills one of 16 immediate actions set out in A Stronger, Safer Tomorrow, Alberta’s four-year public action plan to improve the child intervention system. The action plan focuses particular attention on the safety of the more than 6,000 Indigenous children and youth receiving intervention services from the province.

Key Points

The government is fighting for what matters to everyday Albertans, that includes ensuring that children and families get the support and respect they deserve.

For too long, past governments have not only failed to put families first, they failed to work closely with Indigenous communities.

We know that Indigenous children and families are overrepresented in our child intervention system and the changes we’re bringing in Bill 22 - along with the work we’ve been doing over the last three years – start to correct those historic wrongs.

We know that there’s more work for us to do but this new bill makes practical, overdue changes that clarify necessary steps to keep children safe, supported and connected to their community so they can grow into healthy, thriving adults.

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