Fall 2016 - Bill 35: Fair Elections Financing Act

This bill modernized Alberta's election financing rules and make sure that big money does not control our elections.

What we all want is a fair, democratic and modern electoral system that doesn’t put special interests or wealthy donors ahead of Albertans.

The previous election financing system meant that people or corporations with big money could significantly affect the outcome of elections.

This bill proposes to create a transparent, level playing field for all parties and candidates.


Bill 35 passed third reading in the Legislature on December 13, 2016.


Key Points

Some of the main things that this bill proposes are:

  • to set spending limits on how much political parties, candidates, constituency associations and nomination contestants can spend
  • to change contribution limits so individuals can only contribute a maximum of $4,000 per calendar year
    • unions and corporations have already been banned from contributing
  • to limit the amount that third parties can spend on election advertising.

Press releases

New legislation would get big money out of politics.



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