Fall 2016 - Bill 25: Oil Sands Emissions Limit Act

Bill 25 proposes to put a hard limit on oil sands emissions. As part of the overall Climate Leadership Plan, this will create incentives for existing and new oil sands operations to create more oil (and more value for Albertans) with fewer carbon emissions per barrel.

This is part of a plan that is supported by the 7 representatives of major energy producers who sit on the Oil Sands Advisory Group.

The Government proposes to work with energy producers and other stakeholders in the design and implementation of a regulatory system that works for everyone.


Bill 25 passed third reading in the Legislature on December 13, 2016.


Key Points

Quoted from the November 1, 2016 Media Release - "Oil sands emissions cap drives innovation"

  • There is currently no limit on oil sands emissions, either by facility or industry-wide.
  • A $30/tonne carbon price will be applied to oil sands facilities based on results already achieved by high-performing facilities.
  • The limit will apply to in-situ sites, mine sites, processing plants, primary production, enhanced recovery and experimental schemes, and buildings, equipment, structures and vehicles associated with those sites.
  • The Act will take effect when passed in the legislature, but will not obligate oil sands producers until a regulatory system is designed and implemented.

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Oil sands emissions cap drives innovation

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Capping oil sands emissions is part of the Climate Leadership Plan.