Spring 2016 - Bill 9: Enforcement of Provincial Offenses

Bill 9 amends the Provincial Offenses Procedure Act and the Traffic Safety Act in order to streamline and simplify how we manage provincial laws and bylaws. These amendments will help protect vulnerable Albertans and make our ticketing process more efficient.

The first amendment will end the outdated process of jailing people to enforce tickets for minor infractions. Albertans will no longer be arrested for failing to respond to their ticket, nor will they face jail time for failing to pay a fine for a minor infraction.

The second amendment will expand electronic ticketing in Alberta. These amendments will help ensure that  police, courts and corrections staff have more time to spend on urgent and serious matters. The change to e-ticketing will cut down processing times for tickets and reduce the likelihood of errors.


Bill 9 passed third reading on May 25, 2016 and came into force on May 27, 2016.

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