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Policies focused on diversity and inclusion based on an anti-racist practice are urgently needed in Alberta.

In consultation with Albertan’s earlier this year, the Alberta NDP Caucus heard from Albertans that policy development is most needed within these six areas: 

  • health - December 19th 2020
  • education - January 16th 2021
  • public safety - coming up - February 6th 2021
  • community services
  • economic participation
  • democratic participation

Based on that work, we have developed policies in each of those areas that will actively work to eliminate exclusionary practices. Before we propose these policies to the Alberta Government for urgent implementation, we are asking Albertans to share their feedback once again.

Many of our focus group discussions will be scheduled in the new year.

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Alberta's NDP Caucus is providing a space for all Albertans concerned with approaching diversity and inclusion through an anti-racist practice.